Our Grades & Grub program kids can come to the teen center, do their homework, eat a free meal and hang out together for a few hours.  During the school year, Tuesdays are open to middle school students, while Thursdays are for high school students.  During the summer months, the center is open on Thursdays for all teens. Special Events are scheduled throughout the year, please see the events calendar for information

The youth and teens that come here build a trust with the adults, have fun together, get to enjoy their free time, and they end up developing bonds that help them talk about the difficult things that they might not have been able to do before hand.  Here we offer a suicide awareness and prevention program as part of Teens4Teens, a group of area mental health and teen support entities whose mission is suicide prevention.  The teens that do attend our “Be Honest. Be Kind. Speak Up.” discussion receive a special wristband afterward.  We also address relationship and social media issues as they arise.


Because Madeline loved athletics, The Sandbox runs several summer sports leagues and events, including volleyball, and wrestling.  We also have adult and youth tournaments which have become family fun events over the years.

Sand Volleyball
Summer Volleyball League
Hippo Wrestling Club

I definitely feel like I could talk about something serious with the people here.  They’re really open with you, and they’re generous.  If you want a quiet time and want to talk about about something, they’re those types of people.

Hutto High School Junior

I can be myself here. I can talk here and I know I won’t get in trouble.

Middle school student

I think there is some uniqueness to this place.  Kids feel open to sharing their strengths and what they like.  One kid likes to help others with math, and we let him.  We found out that one youth liked art, and the next time she came, we got art supplies.

Becky, Volunteer
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