New new new!  Plenty of things are new at The Sandbox at Madeline’s Place.  We are excited about the new school year complete with a van to pick teens up after school for Hutto and Farley Middle Schools (see the transportation hub for waiver and to schedule pickup)!  We have mailed our first quarterly newsletter to our donor list (and will have it posted on this site as well).  AND you are looking at a NEW WEBSITE!  Thanks to David Dolley of CygnusTech Industries we have this wonderful looking and easier to navigate website to better keep our teens, parents, and donors informed.

Also new this year is the expansion of our scholarship program to more high schools in the area, the continued growth of our Hippo Wrestling Club, our new sand volleyball court, and more new sports equipment coming.  Our teen committee is in the midst of morphing into a sub-club of the Hutto High School Leo’s as an “internal community service” group – teens helping teens.  Something we love to see.