Our Summer Volleyball League came to a close Monday night.  This is an opportunity for young ladies who are entering 7th and 8th grade to get their hands on the volleyball, work with potential team mates and learn the game of volleyball. For some, this was the very first time they played the game. Many teams are coached by respective high school volleyball players. This gives these girls the chance to see the game from a coach’s perspective and learn the importance of working together, encouraging one another and being there for their team. This summer league is more than volleyball, though. By the end of the season we witness girls who formed friendship they otherwise might not have, we witness girls form a bond with their coaches and give them a sense of pride when they go watch “their coach” play at the high school level.  This opportunity to invest in girl’s is just what the Sandbox desires-relationships are important, learning life lessons in a safe environment is important and the mental, emotional and physical health of teens are all important components of the Sandbox.  Below are some photos from the 7th grade gym at Farley Middle School and the 8th grade gym at Hutto High School.
7th grade winning team was: Thrall Middle School
8th grade winning team was: The Lady Panthers from Pflugerville