Do you ever feel overwhelmed looking over your child’s homework? Or do you ever have those “discussions” about the way it should be done?  We have too! Did you know that we offer homework help on Mondays and Wednesdays for middle school students and on Thursdays for high school students? We do! We will help your kiddos work through math problems, research information for projects, or anything else they need. We also feed them dinner and give them a variety of outlets to get out some of their creative energy. We have a computer, printer, lots of art supplies and school supplies, ping pong, TI-84 calculator, basketball, volleyball, washers and a bunch more!

The added benefit is the relationships the students are building with one another.  From making a new friend, to just knowing their is someone who has your back when needed…it has been a blessing to watch these students playing together, collaborating on homework, talking about assignments, etc.

We just added the ability to pick students up after school at the two middle schools (FMS on Mondays and HMS on Wednesdays) Visit our website to schedule your pick up and fill out the appropriate permissions!